The AB Team

We invite you to meet our Team of experts!  We always have time for your questions and more importantly, time for your referrals.  We appreciate your business and we hope you spread the word.

John "Yuki" Shinoda - Owner


Yuki has many years of experience with freshwater fish, saltwater fish and reef keeping.  He is your "go to" man for any advance questions and concerns ranging from initial tank setup, stocking, and maintenance and relocating your setup.  Yuki specializes in aquascaping and tank design, backed by his educational background in both the photography and design genres.


Inspire, Guide, Educate

Our mission is to further this great hobby through groundbreaking inspirational tanks, and to nurture and guide the next wave of new hobbyist.

We believe that this hobby is beautiful, healthy, productive and educational.  Through this hobby we would like to cultivate awareness of the natural beauty that lives in the earth’s waters.  We wish to instill the virtues of patience, diligence, understanding, exploration, responsibility, and awareness to all of our customers both old and new.

This hobby offers much to learn for all skill, from the experienced veterans to the noob and their first tank.  The greatest take away is understanding the cycle of life.